Legends of the miraculous Lake Hévízi

Legends of the miraculous Lake Hévízi

by Haasz Zoltan, 12/01/2015
Tthe magical effect of the hot water of Lake Hévízi
The Vice Captain of the fortress of Pápa – called Peter Huszar – received a prophecy from a gipsy lady. The prophecy said that Huszár could only overcome Ali Koppány Turkish/Ottoman military inspector if he takes a bath in the miraculous water of the Lake Hévízi before the battle. The vice captain did so and his victory was guaranteed.

Another story is also set in the Turkish times, whose main character is a beautiful maid called Klára Pethő, the daughter of the Captain of the Fortress of Tátika. Sándor Rezi, Captain of the Castle of Csobánc, who was an enemy of the Captain of Tátika often saw the maid bending over her elbow on the bastions of the Fortress of Tátika. One evening, Sándor Rezi rode up to the castle asking the elderly Pethő for a dual. The Master of Csobánc fought with the daugther’s father and won. The old Pethő gave his daughter’s hand to Sándor Rezi. It was only then to turn out that the maid could not walk as her legs were paralysed. After the wedding – on a gipsy lady’s advice – the young couple built their house on the side of „hévíz” (Lake Hévízi) so that the maid could often take a bath there. A few weeks later, upon the miraculous healing power of the lake, the maid recovered and the couple lived happily ever after.


Lake Hévízi


Lake Hévízi, Hungary


Gróf I. Festetics György Művelődési Központ: Hévízi Mesék 2011.