L’AQUA project presented to the UCRM

The local intermediate association Partenalia held a meeting with Mr. Buzatu, the Executive Director of the Uniunea Consiliilor Raionale din Republica Moldova, the association that represents the interest of the Moldavian county councils in Europe, in the headquarters of Partenalia in Brussels (Belgium).

During the meeting, Mr. Buzatu explained the situation of the local intermediate governments in Moldova, and the current relations with the European Union institutions, and other stakeholders in the European sphere.

Partenalia presented the L’AQUA project to Mr. Buzatu, in view of the importance of the tourist sector in the economy of Moldova.

The representative of the UCRM has shown the interest of the Moldavian association to collaborate with Partenalia in the future and to create links to both associations, and with other members of the association, to make the voices of the local intermediate government be heard in Europe.