L´AQUA cooperated with the Raising Strong and Resilient Societies project

Peter Frühmann of Storybag was invited as a guest speaker at the Knowledge Workshop of the L’AQUA meeting held 17 – 18 September 2015 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

Peter first introduced the concept and the broad scope and objectives of the RSRC project. After that he presented a few methods (from the RSRC handbook) that could be interesting to implement in the story collecting activities of L’AQUA, like transect walks, Chapati diagrams, community mapping and one-on-one (story) interviews. He also illustrated these methods on basis of two of past personal initiatives connected to regional and local stories and legends in Scotland, which had led to touristic activities (Argyll and Bute) and also more cohesion in local communities (Isle of Islay). The conclusion for the touristic sector was: “If you find something on the surface, interesting, but if you take the effort to dig deeper, you’ll find (inspiring) treasures that you can share” with communities (e.g. tourism workers, tourists). The presentation was received enthusiastically.

Source: http://www.rsrc.eu/news.html