The lagoon of the enchanted ones (Montijo)

The lagoon of the enchanted ones (Montijo)

by Aitana Martos, 09/01/2015

During Saint John’s Eve, three sisters are charmed by the waters of a lagoon, dive into it and disappear. Since then, every year on Saint John’s Eve they emerge again and grant wishes to those who have gone to the lake carrying a glass of water without spilling a drop.

Near Montijo, in the Old Way of Barbaño is the legendary lagoon of the Enchanted ones. They say that, from the early days the waters “loved” to the girls who dared to approach it.

One Saint John’s Eve, three sisters named Maria were watching the stars, which for some mysterious reason that night looked very low, large and bright. They approached, curious to see themselves reflected in the green waters of the lagoon, and the “charm” occurred immediately.

They decided to swim in that bottomless lake and rushed to the transparent crystal waters, never to return to surface.

Since that night, they sleep on the bottom of the lagoon and only in Saint John’s Eves, they wake to be seen by the privileged people who can arrive there walking with a glass of water without spilling a drop.

Then the three ladies emerge from the waters of the lagoon and dance, and then they grant their visitors a wish.


Relation with water: lagoons, haunted waters, legend of drowned people. Also the tradition of bringing a glass of water as offering. Other themes: enchanted people, Saint John’s Eve.


Montijo, Extremadura, Spain