WP5 – Knowledge acquisition and sharing

5.1. L’AQUA knowledge acquisition and sharing plan

The overall objective of Work Package no5 is to acquire and share the developed knowledge of L’AQUA project related to Work Packages no2, marketing characteristics and product placement; no3, marketing strategy and plan, and no4, network and cooperation, among the network members and the actors and regional sectors of the transnational route. For that purpose, providing the relevant knowledge, skills, and competences to the target group is essential so that they are able to adopt, implement, and execute the L’AQUA branding strategy, methodology, and marketing approach.

The specific objective of the first deliverable of the Work Package no5, 5.1 L’AQUA knowledge acquisition and sharing plan, is to facilitate the implementation of the project and lay the foundations for the permanent approach to knowledge acquisition for present and upcoming members of the L’AQUA network, through a platform for knowledge sharing based on the product club philosophy, that will promote the integration of the L’AQUA deliverables and increase the multiplier effect providing visibility.

Which are the target groups of the sharing platform? How were the L’AQUA project workshops organised?

5.3. Report on the L’AQUA knowledge acquisition and sharing activities

The deliverable 5.3 Report on the L´AQUA knowledge acquisition and sharing activities summarizes the conclusions obtained from the pilot activities conducted by the project partners in the L’AQUA regions. Also provides an in-depth analysis of the current use of the knowledge platforms and how its usage may support the future development, enhancement and extension of the L’AQUA products.

Which hydromyths were selected to host the piloting experiences? What were the results obtained from these pilotings? During the L’AQUA final conference some knowledge sharing activities were completed — the knowledge workshops. Yet how do they work? Which conclusions were gathered in the ones already executed? How many new products were suggested to be further developed in the upcoming months? Who can use it and how can the L’AQUA platform be employed in the future to add more experiences to the project?

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