WP4 – Network and cooperation

4.2. LAQUA processes

As part of the Work Package no4, the reports conforming 4.2 L’AQUA processes describe the methodologies for constructing and communicating the L’AQUA myths and legends, receiving input from the Work Packages no2 and no3, where the marketing approach and strategy are set, and feeding into Work Package no5, where the acquisition and transfer of knowledge on the branding and methodology take place. 

L’AQUA processes include the guidelines that conform the L’AQUA brand and its transnational product. This work methodology is divided in four parts:

L’AQUA product club

How can a sector or a stakeholder increase the cooperationg along the supply chain, in order to consolidate new tourism products and experiencies related to L’AQUA? Are local workshops able to spread the L’AQUA brand and philosophy? How may different actors in the tourism supply chain collaborate at a local level, following the advices and experiences of the L’AQUA membership? 

L’AQUA myths and legends

How are those stories based on myths and legends constructed and communicated, to purposedly entertain and involve the target group? Which storytelling techniques can be employed? How many steps should be followed to create a story based on a hydromyth? How could they ideally be disseminated? 

L’AQUA quality standards

Which quality standards, based on transparency, have to be met so as to become part of L’AQUA transnational route and get the benefits of belonging to the network? How is the set of conditions and requirements does a sector or a myth need to fulfill in order to be accepted by L’AQUA? 

L’AQUA marketing framework

This integrates the L’AQUA marketing plan and strategy, incorporating the results of the execution of the Work Packages no2, marketing characteristics and product placement, and no3, marketing strategy and plan.

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