WP3 – Marketing strategy and plan

3.1. Fully fledged final marketing strategy and plan

This report contains the L’AQUA Marketing Strategy and Plan developed in the European project L’AQUA as part of the Work Package no3. The plan is based on the findings and recommendations of Work Package no2, marketing characteristics and product placement.

A 7P marketing analysis has been conducted: the L’AQUA Product, Price, Place, Promotion (based mainly on brand recognition), People (thinking about the employees that will provide the L’AQUA services), Process (trying to find a balance between standarization and customization) and Physical Environment have been defined.

The L’AQUA value proposition sustains itself on the authenticity, wellbeing and experience of the L’AQUA myths and legends. An action plan has been set, based on three principles: familiarisation, consolidation and expansion. The templates for the L’AQUA products marketing materials have been designed.

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