WP2 – Marketing characteristics and product placement

2.1. L’AQUA marketing framework

The aim of the Work Package was to identify the marketing features and the product and market placement of the L’AQUA products, based upon existing experiences, studies and data in the participating regions. To fulfil that goal, every project partner has conducted desk research and interviews with the key stakeholders operating in their own regions.

This has provided enough information to identify seven key market trends. Furthermore, a brand analysis has also been made — everything leading to the definition of the market segments to which L’AQUA products could be targeted, both domestically and internationally.

The outlining and establishment of the L’AQUA brand and its values, based upon this marketing research, is the key for every action performed and product created. Therefore, which are the best ways to market the L’AQUA brand? Which are the best conditions for its market placement? What kind of value does L’AQUA add to tourism?

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