WP1 – Knowledge gathering and inventory

1.1. L’AQUA knowledge base

The first deliverable comprised in this Work Package, 1.1 L’AQUA knowledge base, consists of a methodological framework designed to provide the guidelines for the whole project, in order to gain coherence.

A complete classification of terms has been developed. What is it that makes the difference between a myth, a legend or a fairy tale? An exhaustive work methodology has been elaborated for L’AQUA project, including the water based myths and services database-collecting procedural guidelines that have been followed for the whole consortium.

1.2. L’AQUA transnational product description

Every place has water, in all of its forms, so every place is liable to have some items, traditions or stories around this subject.

The deliverable 1.2 L’AQUA transnational product description also belongs to the Work Package no1, which comprises all the tasks of L’AQUA knowledge gathering and inventory. This includes the designing of the methodologies for both collecting myths and legends and the existing tourism supply around them. It also provides an overview of the full transnational route.

Water links traditions and cultures from all around the world through myths and legends born in orality. Therefore, water myths and legends become a splendid background for transnational routes. Yet what does a myth need to have in order to be part of L’AQUA Routes? What are the already studied areas like?

Every water-based legend located in the L’AQUA studied areas have already been inventoried, according to the previously presented criteria — more than sixty tales with a water background, across six different European contries.

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