VELENCEI has selected its pilot

As a results of a consultation with our stakeholders we selected the “The equestrian statue hiding gold inside” A relatively complex local story was selected as it allows us to build around it from different aspects and also to re-structure existing services and products along a new aspect, which is the story line itself.

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    • Julia Ramiro
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    • January 11, 2016

    In the case of Extremadura, we have selected THE PRINCESS HEN AND THE CISTERNS OF LAS VELETAS PALACE, the main character of this legend is a moor princess known by the locals as "La Manasaborá" (it is also another popular name for this legend). It is located at Cáceres and probably is one of the most famous of this city, along with the myth of San Jorge. Several businesses are interested in adapt their services and create new ones by using this myth and the L´AQUA approach. You can see the myth in this link:

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