Vana Postimaja Guesthouse


Brief Description
Vana Postimaja (Old Post Office) is located in Viljandimaa, in Suure-Jaani, in a quiet and safe neighbourhood. Vana Postimaja is set up in a log house, which was used as a post and a bank building from 1930s to the end of 1990s. In 2009, the house was completely reconditioned to a 2-storey accommodation, family vacation and seminar building. When restoring the building, close to nature materials and traditional techniques were used. Genuine elements were preserved to maintain the building’s originality.
Vana Postimaja offers: Accommodation – 5 rooms, with extra beds and places accommodate up to 14 people Available kitchen Seminars/Gatherings Caravan or recreational vehicle places Camping Sauna Car rental Bicycle rental

Other features
downtown / countryside

Contact Data
Jaama tn 7, Suure-Jaani, Suure-Jaani vald, Viljandi maakond
(+372) 522 3028