Treasures deep under the water I.

Treasures deep under the water I.

by Haasz Zoltan, 12/01/2015
Remains of a Roman fortress in the Danube

Folk tradition has preserved the Rock of Bölcske („bölcskei-szikla”) in the River Danube for centuries, as an underwater reef and a good place to catch fish. During the archeological discoveries of the ’80s, the cliff turned out to be the ruin of a Roman fortress, during the discovery of which 18 pieces of Roman stone carvings with reliefs and superscriptions were brought to the surface with the help of divers.

pk7_A kikötőerőd rekonstrukciós rajza (Szekér J.)

Reconstruction graphic of the fortress by Szekér J.

pk7_Oltárkő kiemelése (Walter P. felvétele)

Lifting of the Danube out of stone altar (picture by Walter P.)


The Danube in Bölcske


The Danube in Bölcske, Hungary


Gaál Attila: A bölcskei kikötőerőd:Római kori feliratok és leletek a Dunából 2009.