by Andrea, 22/01/2015

The legend of the dragon

«Once upon a time Thyrus a terrible “fera”, a kind of winged water dragon or snake lived in the marshes close to Terni, near a place called “La Chiusa”. The inhabitants of the area and those passing through became ill and died because of the monster’s pestiferous breath. The dragon caused a lot of harm in the area and often approached the town causing serious damage and spreading fear amongst its citizens. The Board of the Elderly met to try to find a solution to this constant danger and resolve the serious problem that threatened Terni. As a result the bravest men were summoned to the Town Hall, but nobody had the courage to step forward and directly face Thyrus and no-one was able to find any type of solution. Then a young man from Terni presented himself and offered to face the dragon, and armed just like a knight, set off to search for the dragon. He found it hidden in the marshland near a wood and he forced it to come out into the open and after a fierce fight killed it thus freeing the citizens of Terni from the threat of death and rendering the area of Terni safe. After having received the news of its death, the townspeople went to the place of the fight to see for themselves what had happened and celebrated the victory for several days, The young man was awarded the lands where the monster had lived and in memory of this occasion the Board of the Elderly decided to place Thyrus in the town’s coat of arms».


Terni – Umbria – Italy


Tradizione tramandata oralmente in cui si narra l’uccisione di un drago identificato con il nome di Thyrus che infestava con il suo alito pestifero la campagna intorno alla città di Terni seminando terrore e morte tra la popolazione affrontato ed ucciso da un giovane eroe ternano, riporto di seguito un sintesi di tale storia.