The Stryper Wyfke

The Stryper Wyfke

The Legend of The Stryper Wyfke

On August 19 in 1966, during the Second Anglo-Dutch War, the Dutch merchant fleet was attacked by the British in the Vlie between Vlieland and Terschelling.

The weather was very bad to sail to Vlieland, so the British soldiers decided to sail tot the West of Terschelling. The village was completely put on fire except for the Brandaris and the Reformed Church.

But still, the British were not satisfied with the result, so they continued entering the island. Their intention was to set the other villages on fire too. At the height of current Baaiduinen they saw a shadowy creature with a number of standing figures. The Stryper Cemetery. The British feared Dutch reinforcement.

At that moment an old lady passed by, to whom the British asked what those shadows in the distance were. The old lady, the Stryper Wyfke, replied: “They stand by the hundreds, but they lie by the thousands”. She meant the tombstones and the many deaths. The British were very shocked by this and they left the island. The Stryper Wyfke rescued the remaining villages on the island. However, the likelihood that the rescue has taken place in this way is very small.



Terschelling, Friesland