The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman

The Legend of The Flying Dutchman

Willem van der Decken, a Dutch captain, wanted to leave port with his ship on his way to the East Indies on Easter Morning. Despite the bad weather and against the wishes of his wife, After all, it was very important to sail to Batavia soon as possible, and the captain had no time to lose. After a long journey the ship reached the most south western point of Africa, Cape of Good Hope. The captain tried to pass the country point where the crew protested. They begged him to return to the Table Bay. The captain refused and was so angry that he threw his first man overboard and shouted: “God or the devil … I sail around the Cape, even if I go on to the final judgment.” As punishment the Devil gained power and control over the ship. The captain had to sail around the seas forever and he couldn’t ever go ashore again. The dead crew silently performs its duties. Sometimes the Flying Dutchman sends a sloop at passing sailors, asking if they want to take a pile of letters to family members who are already deceased centuries ago. According to people who have claimed to have seen the Flying Dutchman they reported the ship to be glowing with ghostly lights sailing above the sea.



Terneuzen, Zeeland