Testing of Giant Peter experience in Leeuwarden, NL

Dutch tourists evaluated the experience of the L’AQUA regional product in Friesland, NL. The selected myth is ‘The Legend of Giant Peter’ and is available on www.laquaroutes.com.

The experience was built around several places of importance to the legend of Giant Peter.
Location 1) Stichting the Kanselarij / Inqubator Leeuwarden : Located at Turfmarkt 11 in Leeuwarden in the Historical building ‘The Chancellery (Kanselarij)’. Former location of the Frisian Museum that holds the sword of Giant Peter in its collection. The Chancellery (Kanselarij) was home to the ‘Hof van Friesland‘ (Court of Friesland).
Location 2) Frisian Museum: located at Wilhelminaplein 92 in Leeuwarden. Museum that holds the famous sword of Giant Peter in its collection.
Location 3) Kimswert, Giant Peters place of birth.
Location 4) Online: http://www.gruttepierdefamylje.nl/index.php/nl/de-famylje-nederlands (Tresoar). Online tool that people can use to find out if they are related to Giant Peter.

The aim of the pilot experience is to gather feedback from professional and end-users in order to spot areas that are subject to improvement. The pilot test experience was analysed by 3 professionals and a group of 4 potential Dutch tourists. It will also be tested with approximately 6 foreign tourists in the early summer of 2016.
The feedback of the 3 professional has been very positive, the overall experience scored an 8 out of 10. A recommendation for improvement is expansion of the product club. The 4 potential Dutch tourists was also very positive, especially the online / offline combination was very much appreciated. Say cheese

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