The siren of La Serena

The siren of La Serena

by Aitana Martos, 09/01/2015

A mermaid inhabits the banks of the Guadiana River (including table of Tamborríos and the Encomienda Castle), and with her beauty and charming singing attracts unwary men who eventually drown in the river.

A legend tells that this mythological creature lived in the calm waters of the nearby Guadiana River, the table was between Tamborríos and the Encomienda Castle. This siren was a nymph of exquisite beauty, with stunning body, green eyes, long brown hair, fair complexion and shiny scales that had a sweet and melodious voice. Through her melodious songs and her unusual beauty attracted the unsuspecting lads who ended drowned in the river.

Another version says that the siren could end up in the arms of the city to be brought as part of the booty, by villanovense sailors in the sixteenth century who followed Pedro de Valdivia and Hernán Cortés’ footsteps in their course for the Americas.

A lexical variation result of the passing of time could name a city and a region: Villanueva de la Serena and La Serena.


Relation with water: mythical beings related with water, the river. Also white ladies, legends of drowned people.


Villanueva de la Serena, Extremadura, Spain


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