Second LAQUA knowledge workshop in Cáceres

Second LAQUA knowledge workshop in Cáceres

On the afternoon of the 13th of January another L´AQUA knowledge workshop took place.

The knowledge workshops are a vital pillar of the project, they complement the on-line learning and sharing experience which takes place through the L´AQUA website. Workshops have addressed several aspects of the L´AQUA branding, marketing and methodology in a more in-depth approach, and dedicate part of the workshop to allows for (future) network members to exchange knowledge and experiences and explore options for joint elaboration of tourism offers and packages.

This second workshop counted with the 24 participants from both the partner organizations, as well as a selected group of relevant stakeholders from Italy, Cyprus, Estonia, the Netherlands and Hungary.

The workshop focused on presenting all the manuals on LAQUA methodology created during the project: the marketing framework and strategy were presented, as well as the LAQUA quality standards and the network governance and operation. The LAQUA product club philosophy was also presented along with real examples from Estonia and Hungary: KARUSKOSE and VELENCEI told how they are developing this philosophy in their areas through collaboration with other stakeholders in order to develop their pilots.

Also the pilots on the first LAQUA experiences were presented to the stakeholders: TERNI with Velino and Nerina and the origin of the Marmore Falls, VELENCEI with The equestrian statue hiding gold inside;KARUSKOSE with the fifth season in Sooma National Park, and CLUTUREX with the Moor Princess Mansaborá myth.


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