Bishop Saint Gellért’s death

Bishop Saint Gellért’s death

by Haasz Zoltan, 12/01/2015
How pagans killed Bishop Gellért

Saint Gellért on of the first bishops was killed 1047 as from the hill of Kelenföld – which is the present-day Gellért Hill – he was rolled down to the River Danube on a cart by the pagans. When he reached the bottom of the hill (the riverbank), he was still alive. According to the longer version of his legend, he was beaten to death with a stone but the Danube could not wash his blood off the stone from seven years. Therefore it was kept and guarded as a holy relic.

pk9_Szent Gellért halála a Magyar Anjou Legendáriumban

Saint Gellért’s death in the Anjou Legendarium


Gellért Hill in Budapest


Gellért Hill with Danube in Budapest


Gellért Hill in Budapest, Hungary