Sacred Garden dedicated to Aphrodite

Sacred Garden dedicated to Aphrodite

Sacred Garden - Aphrodite

Ancient Aqueduct

The present village of Geroskipou is referred to as Hierokepis by the geographer Strabo. Its name is derived from the ancient “Ιερός Κήπος”, Sacred Garden dedicated to Aphrodite.

Kato Vrysi was an ancient aqueduct that cooled and quenched the thirst of the people and animals of the area. According to tradition and evidence from travellers, the Bath of Aphrodite was in Kato Paphos Area. Nea Pafos was founded in 320 b.C. by Nicocles who was the last king of Pafos, and the High Priest of Aphrodite. Nicocles built a temple dedicated to the goddess in the new city, which has not yet been located, as well as other temples dedicated to Greek deities such as Hera and Artemis whose worship he introduced to Pafos. Aphrodite is also depicted in two mosaics from the Roman period found in nearby houses.

Vrysi, whereas the water of the fountain watered the Sacred Gardens of the Goddess. During the annual festival of Aphrodite the solemn procession of worshippers from Nea Pafos to Palaipafos passed through the Sacred Gardens; a route known as η “ιερά οδός” (sacred street).


Geroskipou, Paphos, Cyprus


Aphrodite’s Cuktural Route (CTO publication)