Myths and leyends


Nature and environment, myths and legends, culture, sport, food and drink, archaeology events and attractions. The territory of the Province of Terni, is a kaleidoscope of fascinating beauties fruit of a land all to be discovered and enjoyed.


Already in the Middle Ages, Estonia became an inseparable part of the cultural map of Europe, and trade through its ports made it a prosperous and renowned region.


Bordering the Waddensea and with more lakes & canals than you can imagine, Friesland promises remarkable water related legends.


Place of civilizations and cultures such as Romans, Arabians or Visigoths, Spain has lots of myths and legends linked to wonderful water resources, as a result of its History and traditions. 



Hungary is landlocked country but     full of rivers and lakes so water-related legends and myths are very common.


Cyprus, the 3rd largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea, at the crossroads of East and West, where nature, water, myths and legends blend together with 10,000 years of turbulent history and culture.

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