Mission and vision

The mission of L’AQUA project is to create a transnational touristic route/product economically sustainable and competitive that provides a coherent story and a set of standards with respect to the related tourism products and services, and their quality, all throughout.

This requires cooperation across the whole value chain and a coordinated and cooperative approach to the design, promotion and exploitation of the product.

In this sense the approach chosen in L´AQUA takes a long term view and approach of establishing a solid base for cooperation based upon a common brand, methodologies and processes for those willing to become part of the L´AQUA network and tourism product and service brand. The network, which integrates different players from across the value chain (both public and private), not only ensures that the quality, coherence and comprehensiveness of the related tourism offers, products and services are safeguarded, but also provides a place for public-private cooperation and sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices.

L´AQUA will create, distribute and raise awareness of the rich


intangible heritage made of local stories, legends, sagas, characters, where the partners and other stakeholders from the sector have already accumulated knowledge, and how this heritage can be further exploited for transnational tourist offers, services and products.

It will give the opportunity to local communities, tourist companies, organizations and other interested parties to incorporate and share new stories, legends, sagas and characters and to link these to their own tourism offer.

The project will also create the L´AQUA network which manages the transnational product and guarantees the quality and adequacy of the tourist offer through the application and implementation of a standardized methodology and processes.

It will stimulate the cooperation between SMEs (and other enterprises) from the sector and with public entities, and support the creation of joint tourism offers, products and services related to myths and legends and other traditions related to water; and enhances in every stage of the project and route public private partnership and transnational cooperation.


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