L’Aqua Project

LAqua integrates 11 partners from 8 different countries cooperating in the design of a transnational product and route in the area of myths, legends and traditions related to water, thus focusing on intangible cultural heritage.

While the valorization, exploitation and promotion of the tangible cultural heritage is well established, the exploitation of the intangible cultural heritage is stating behind, having a wide range of opportunities in terms of tourism innovation and new products, as well as the preservation of local communities through the creation of tourism-related job opportunities.

Moreover, the members of L´Aqua project have a strong commitment with local traditions, saying, stories, sagas, legends and all the elements within this intangible cultural heritage, believing that it deserves the same level of attention as the tangible heritage because of its equal contribution to the preservation of local communities and sustainability in tourism.


The participating countries/regions in L´Aqua have already experience in water-related tourism, thus one of the main purposes of the project is to join forces under one single transnational product and route based on sharing experiences and best practices, as well as building a strong network among the members which ensures the quality, competitiveness and differentiation of L´Aqua.

It builds upon existing experiences of each of the partners in the file of water-related tourism, focusing on the direct development in 5 member states: Spain, Netherlands, Estonia, Italy and Hungary. Each has selected as starting point a legend, myth or tradition related with water which potential to become the star stories of L´Aqua.


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