L´AQUA Project has a new logotype

L´AQUA Project has a new logotype

The new logotype of L´AQUA Project is the result of the observation of nature and union of symbology and perfect geometry, through several concepts:

The Waves represent the strength and dynamism: In L´AQUA project, the union of a number of partners makes their initiatives stronger.

The Ammonites symbolize the eternity and the water as an invariable element. Their shell was constantly growing, in spiral. – The Golden Ratio represents the perfection: the water as the perfect element as it creates life. Those things whose shapes respect the Golden Ratio are considered beautiful.

The Trident alludes to myths and legends on water from different cultures and countries. It is frequently related to Poseidon and Neptune, the gods of the ocean in Greek and Roman Mythology. In the logo, the trident is represented by the triple line in form of spiral and ending in three tips.

The goal was to get a logo which that is distinguished by its elegance and lightness and, at the same time, which transmits a feeling of freshness, movement and energy.