L’AQUA present as the Raising Strong and Resilient Communities project


L´AQUA project was presented during the meeting of the project Raising Strong and Resilient Communities (RS&RC), which was held in the Netherlands on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2015

With clear synergies in the field of the use of stories and storytelling approaches to generate the development of a community, the RS&RC project develops a set of educational tools that can be used in adult education (with a focus on non-formal adult education) focussing on developing sustainable communities, active citizenship and participation. These tools are based on existing and the further expansion of developed approaches, theories and methods of storytelling.


The RS&RC project counts with a total of 9 partners of 8 different EU countries (Finland; Netherlands, Northern Ireland; Italy, Slovenia; Czech Republic; Romania and Spain).

The tools are developed around the development of competences of cooperation and communication in differing communities, between various ‘divides’, such as intergenerational, intercultural, etc in order for learners to actively engage in local community work. CLUTUREX in the project focuses on local tourism communities, selecting a specific community around myths and legends related to water, to validate the tools developed.

Both projects agreed to continue to cooperate in the future and generate synergies through knowledge exchange and joint activities and events.

For more information on RS&RC: www.rsrc.eu