After creating the LAQUA pilot experience to be tested  in Extremadura, three professionals in the regional tourism were interviewed to obtain their feedback about it.

The LAQUA pilot experience in Extremadura is a one-day full experience based on the “Mansaborá” myth (See more about the myth here), it is comprised by several services that can be enjoyed separately or in different days.


It is targeted to couples or small groups, and its services are:

  • MANSABORÁ RITUAL: A full Spa ritual that includes massages and beauty treatments based on arab techniques.
  • GUIDED VISIT: stories and legends through the old town of Cáceres. Guided visit for the customers to have the opportunity to visit the real places where the Mansaborá Myth is set.
  • ROMANTIC DINNER: to complete the experience, clients will be able to enjoy a dinner in a Restaurant located in the main square, next to the old town.
  • ONE-NIGHT STAY: in a Hotel located in the main square, with a bottle cava as welcome gift.


After analysing the answers provided by the professionals trhough a questionnaire, main conclusions are the following:

  • The experience is different, with added value and it can be adapted and easily integrated in the tourism supply of Extremadura.
  • It is a well-balanced and interesting experience, as it combines culture, gastronomy and history in a right way.
  • Transfer services and also live music during dinner are some of the suggestions provided by the testers to improve the experience.
  • All of them would commercialized the experience if it were available now.
  • The average rate of the overall experience is 8 out 10 points.

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