L´AQUA Knowledge workshop: a success

L´AQUA Knowledge workshop: a success

On the afternoon of the 17th of September the L´AQUA knowledge workshop took place.

The knowledge workshops are a vital pillar of the project, they complement the on-line learning and sharing experience which takes place through the L´AQUA website. Workshops will address several aspects of the L´AQUA branding, marketing and methodology in a more in-depth approach, and dedicate part of the workshop to allows for (future) network members to exchange knowledge and experiences and explore options for joint elaboration of tourism offers and packages.

This first workshop counted with the 26 participants from both the partner organizations, as well as a selected group of relevant stakeholders from Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Estonia, the Netherlands and Hungary.

The workshop focused on the storytelling methodology developed within the framework of the project, and complemented this with the approach to building communities to sustain a tourism experience based upon a L´AQUA legend or myth. For the part on community building, we counted with the cooperation of an expert on community building (Peter Fruhmann) of the Raising Strong and Resilient Communities (www.rsrc.eu).

Feedback from the participants was very positive, and all expressed their interested in joining the second knowledge workshop which will place in Cáceres, Spain in January 2016.