knowledge sharing activities: LAQUA final conference

LAQUA final conference was a great occasion to share and spread all the knowledge generated and accumulated during the lifetime of the project among a big set of regional stakeholders developing tourism and complementary activities in the region.
The conference counted on the presence of Terni Province partners, who made a presentation of their LAQUA pilot experience, a good example on how to create experiences under the project brand.
After that, round tables were organised, these were focused on creating new LAQUA products by using the methodology for the creation of LAQUA tourism products and experiences.

The participants were distributed in different groups in the way every group had varied profiles: representation of public and private sectors, but also different businesses such as companies providing accommodation, restaurants, transport services, complementary activities, communication and marketing, etc. Having in mind to maximise, not only the collaboration between them, but also the complementarities and synergies.
There were 3 round tables where participants were able to work in their products during two hour approximately. They were invited to keep working on the products later on after the conference, and send to CLUTUREX a more detailed explanation about the products, in order to receive more advice on how to build the experiences and move forward with the methodology towards their commercialization.
CLUTUREX is still working with several participants interested in going on with this process. Below the most relevant products defined during the conference:
Waterfalls route with a genuine guide: the experience includes accommodation in a rural house and a guided tour through “La Garganta de la Puria” (a gorge) to observe its countless waterfalls.
A route through La Cervigona waterfall with the charm of the Xálima, goddess of the water: it starts in a reservoir and then goes alongside the river to end visiting the waterfall where the Ribera de Acebo River is born. The tour is accompanied by the legend of the Xálima Goddess and the water.
The water festival. An itinerant festival which tries to give value to all the companies and resources related to the water that are located in the place, valorising also all the legends and myths on water existing there. It integrates all the cultural, natural and gastronomic resources present in the area, promoting them and developing also the area.
– The route of San Jorge: this experience consists on a description of the legend of San Jorge and the dragon (one of the most famous in the city of Cáceres) through the tourism places of the city , starting with the Maltravieso Cave, where the boy Jorge was born. Then it continues with the visit of the old town, illustrating the relationship with his lover (visiting palaces, castles and other monuments) and end in the Barruecos (a little lake near Cáceres, declared natural monument) as the place where the dragon was born.
Gold fever: day trip that shows the gold culture since the Roman Period to the present. It includes a complete explanation on the topic, a dramatization and gold searching using the panning as a technique.

After, participants had the chance to enjoy a dramatization of the Mansaborá myth and other folk tales of Extremadura by the hand of “Cuenta Trovas del Cordel”, two funny minstrels that show participants who a myth can be told in an attractive way by using good storytelling techniques.

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