Kick-off meeting (Brussels, Belgium)

kick-offThe l’AQUA project partners participated last 3rd September 2014 in the kick-off meeting of the project which took place in Brussels (Belgium).

The overall objective of the project is focused on the tourism potential of this intangible heritage in relation to water, establishing a transnational and quality product and route, covering in total 8 countries where water and related activities play an important role in their geography and/or history, putting the magnifying glass on the sagas, myths, legends and traditions associated to water, protecting the environment and promoting the sustainable tourism from the SMEs.

The project, of 18 months, counts on organizations from Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy and Belgium with broad European experience in the fields of tourism, marketing, territorial development or dissemination.

The partners firstly presented their organizations in order to get to know each other better. Secondly, they discussed about the working plan, budget, goals and distribution of tasks as well as the management, communication, dissemination and evaluation activities, the partnership agreement, deadlines and quality control. Lastly, the partners evaluated the meeting.

The kick-off  meeting took place one day after a meeting held between the leader of the consortium and the relevant policy officers at the European Commission. Here, several hints were given to the project leader in order to achieve the quality and impact required by the DG Enterprise and to comply with the expectations towards l’AQUA network. The consortium will take note of all recommendations in order to assure the best quality standards for their network.