Fishermen’s superstitions – Tisza River

Fishermen’s superstitions – Tisza River

by Haasz Zoltan, 12/01/2015
Legends of monsters living in River Tisza

Supernatural creatures of usually hideous appearance would prey on fishermen and swimmers of the River Tisza. According to the legend a monster called “Süvöltő” used to live in his underwater palace by Szeged, who would pull careless people under the surface. Beside him, there was another beast never to be seen, who would tear nets apart and did not let fishing boats pass on, no matter how hard they were trying to break free.


Fishing on the Tisza painted by László Mednyánszky (1852-1919)


Fishing-boat in the River Tisza


Szeged with the River Tisza


Szeged with the River Tisza, Hungary