Meeting between Partenalia and representatives from FUE-UJI and Heliotec from Castellón (Spain)

During their visit in Brussels (Belgium) to participate in the Green Week, representatives from FUE-UJI and Heliotec from Castellón (Spain) visited the headquarters of Partenalia where they had the opportunity to explain the Life project in which they participate as partners. On the other hand, Partenalia explained the main aspects of the project L’AQUA to them.

Project Ecocitric

The project, called Ecocitric, focuses in citric waste integrated management. The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate the technical, economic and environmental viability of a new system of comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste from pruning citrus.

The representatives had the opportunity to meet the coordination of the association, and they were explained the advantages of participating in European associations and the role that Partenalia plays in the European sphere. It was a fruitful meeting and as a result, a future collaboration between the participants is expected.

The participants

FUE-UJI is a nonprofit private cultural institution. It focuses in the development and promotion of activities related to lifelong learning, the transfer of research results, the employability of graduates and the improvement of business and the economic and social sectors of Castellon (Spain).

Heliotec Group has its origin in the Renewable Energy Sector, under which the parent company Heliotec Renawable Energy emerged specializing in the comprehensive management of projects based on the use of renewable energy sources. But from the beginning it has been expanding to other business areas that share sustainable development and innovation as a common denominator, as well as focusing internationally and towards providing a service.