Attila the Hun’s legendary triple coffin

Attila the Hun’s legendary triple coffin

by Haasz Zoltan, 12/01/2015
Attila the Hun was buried in the Tisza River’s bed

Attila the King of the Huns was buried in the River Tisza at the place where the river diverged into two branches. One of them was closed so that all the water should flow into the other branch. His triple coffin – which was made of gold, silver and iron – rests at the bottom of the river. (According to ethnogrpahers, the legend on the funeral and the diverting of the Tisza tells us about the burial traditions of the Avar Kagans). In the story, old tribal magicians called “sámáns” declared that Attila needed to be buried so that no cuts of spade should be made into the ground and those who escorted him to his final resting place should not take the news of where he was buried – therefore all who participated in the funeral process were killed by the warriors of Attila.

pk13_Image of Attila in the Chronicon Pictum

Image of Attila in the Chronicon Pictum


Turnout in the River Tisza


Somewhere along the River Tisza, Hungary