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Aphrodite Delights is the leading traditional Cypriot Confectionery Manufacturer since 1895, well known mainly for its Loukoumi Geroskipou but also for other authentic traditional delights.
Ever since Aphrodite was borne of the deep blue Mediterranean at Petra tou Romiou, the Paphos region has been steeped in myth, legend and history. Yeroskipos was a favourite place of the goddess - its very name is derived from 'Ieros Kipos', meaning 'sacred garden'. She was said to spend much of her time there, enjoying the tranquility of her natural surroundings and feasting off the fruits of the land
The story of Aphrodite Delights began in 1895, when Sophocles Athanasiou returned to his home village of Geroskipou in Cyprus after many years of traveling and living overseas. He established the delights industry and his 'Loukoumi' soon became a local favorite.

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Aphrodite Delights (Yeroskipos) Ltd
P.O.Box 63001, 8210
+357 26 967967